The Big Picture.


UNFRAMED will not only be the most innovative, but will also be the biggest event for young culture in Switzerland.


During four days it will experience digital photography - by a digital network from the cities to the farthest valley of the country - connected with the world through the web.


We don't want to tell you more yet, but are happy to give you more information on request.




Millions of photos are taken daily with smartphones and are shared or uploaded on social media within seconds. Digital photography has made a significant impact on our perception of reality.


UNFRAMED thematize this development from the perspective of artistic photography and the photography of anybody in the same time. It will leave the frame of the usual ways of seeing photography.


The Community.


UNFRAMED will be a community platform too. It's a community for an open exchange of opinions, experiences and expressions. Dedicated to the global avant-garde of digital photography, it will focus on the latest evolutions of digital art photography and offer primary younger talents a global stage to show their work.


It will combine the on- and offline world through the web community with the festival, exhibitions, events and media - all year round. Once a year - beginning of June - the UNFRAMED festival shall take place all over Switzerland.


UNFRAMED – The Festival: 4-7 June 2020.


The festival shows digital photography and breaks out of conventional formats: images are displayed on digital screens in unusual locations, such as in the middle of a mountainous landscape, as well as on major traffic areas and or train stations, and as projections.


It's a network festival, based on digital communication technology. Festival center is the »photo city« Winterthur. Co-Centers shall be Bern, Lausanne, Lugano and Zug. In other, various locations throughout Switzerland, the audience meets for screenings exhibitions, events and talks. The main locations will be confirmed in September 2019.


Stay tuned for more news.